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A large number of obese and overweight people have used Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ against weight gain and have achieved successful results. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ has zoomed ahead to become the trusted choice of thousands of people to achieve effective and permanent results against weight gain.

What is overweight and obesity?

Overweight or obesity is the condition in which you have more weight than is ideal for your height and build. This is calculated by calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a measure of body fat based on weight and height that applies for both men and women.

Obesity can be life threatening 

Overweight or obesity occurs when there is excessive deposition of fat in the body. It can be measured by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI classification is given below: 
  •    BMI <18.5 - Underweight 
  •    BMI – 18.5- 22.9 – Normal 
  •    BMI > 23 – Overweight 
  •    BMI > 25 – Obese I 
  •    BMI > 30 – Obese II 
A person with severe or morbid obesity has higher chances of suffering from other life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, respiratory diseases, stroke and cancer etc. Thus in order to have a healthy life with fit and fine body, opt for a safe weight loss medication like Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™
Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is an herbal appetite suppressant capsule that works to control your food intake keeping you in superb and healthy form. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ fights effectively against weight-gain and is Doctor-approved.

How does Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ work?

Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is made up of the only effective ingredient “Hoodia Gordonii” which has an active molecule “P57”. This P57 molecule actively suppresses the appetite and makes your brain believe that you are full. Furthermore it nourishes your body with the required nutrients
We all know that an over-consumption of food results in an intake of excess calories. This extra intake is stored in the body in the form of fat, and gradually leads to overweight and obesity.
Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ acts by suppressing your appetite. Pure Hoodia powder in this pill works to make your brain believe that there is enough sugar in the blood, even though the sugar level is normal. It also does not deprive you of required nutrition. The brain signals that you are full and your voracious appetite is thus brought under control. Many doctors and diet specialists are recommending Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ to their patients with successful results. You too can now get lighter and dynamic each day with Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™.

The doctors' choice!


Dieticians and doctors concur that Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is the best possible solution for an effective and safe weight-loss. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ does not have any side-effects and this is what has caught the interest of the medical community. Reduction in body mass that is induced by Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ does not involve health risks which are generally associated with weight-loss techniques such as liposuction and bariatric surgerie

Why is Hoodia Gordonii Absolute the preferred choice? 

Some of the benefits that are associated with Hoodia Gordonii 



Absolute are: 
  •    Pure Hoodia herb from the Kalahari Desert 
  •    Purely herbal. Can be taken as food. 
  •    Efficient appetite suppressant 
  •    Energy booster 
  •    Weight loss within a week 
  •    Doctor endorsed


Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™- The Weight loss Product containing “Pure Hoodia Gordonii” 

Besides the availability of other Hoodia and synthetic weight loss products, Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is the first choice for everyone because of certain unique features i.e. 

  • It is made up of pure “Hoodia Gordonii” herb found in the Kalahari Deserts of Africa.
  • It consist of right quantity of Hoodia Gordonii i.e. scientific researches shows that for an effective weight loss one should take 1000 mg of Hoodia   Gordonii per day. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute has been manufactured by using the same concept. 
  • It has no side-effects associated with other weight loss products
  • It acts as an effective energy booster


Hoodia Gordonii – 500 mg
A capsule of Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ holds powdered form of a cactus plant called Hoodia gordonii. This plant commonly found in the desert of Kalahari in South Africa. The amount of this powered constituent is as given below:

Hoodia gordonii:

Effectively suppresses an excessive appetite by making use of the energy-sensing cells in the brain. Once hoodia gordonii starts working in the body it makes the brain believe that the person is full. The brain signals the person not to eat more and thus he does not binge on tempting food. Hoodia gordonii makes you eat optimum quantity of food that is required for a healthy body.


Take 1 capsule twice a day with a glass of water before main meal. Hoodia Gordonii will also decrease your thirst so always be sure you are drinking plenty of water when taking hoodia diet pills.
If you have missed a dose, then take it as soon as you remember. Follow the course in a disciplined manner to achieve strong and permanent results.

Can I use this product?

If you are in the process of putting on weight or wish to shed those extra pounds then this product is for you. Follow a regular course of Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ to achieve positive results.

Is it safe?

Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ has been prepared with the foremost care and detail. The herbs that went into the preparation of this product are the safest and most renowned. We follow stringent International standards in safety and hygiene in the preparation of our products.


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FAQ: Appetite Suppressant Hoodia Gordonii

What is Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™?

What is Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™? Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is an herbal appetite suppressant capsule that works to control your food intake keeping you in superb and healthy form. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ fights effectively against weight-gain and is...

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Hoodia Gordonii Absolute™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is a 100% natural herbal supplement.