NicoNot  - Complete relief from the jaws of smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking?

Decide to quit smoking today and do not wait to make that decision. Use NicoNot pills to help you just like it helped thousands of similar men and women.

NicoNot is a herbal nicotine-free formulation that fights against smoking and its withdrawal symptoms. This tablet works aggressively on your system to make it stronger and enables it to combat the strong urges of smoking. NicoNot reverses the effects of smoking withdrawal symptoms keeping you stronger and NicoNot is a doctor approved tablet that effectively gets rid of the urge to smoke and also gets rid of the withdrawal symptoms.


NicoNot™ - Kick Away Your Hazardous Smoking Habit Naturally!!

Smoking Consequences: Highly Dangerous for Your Loved One

Smoking is a global problem affecting millions of people including adults, teenagers, children and old. Initially it is acquired for the sake of fun, to get rid of stress, for style etc. but later on it becomes a kind of addiction for smokers. It is really sad to know that from the past few years more and more children are acquiring this habit
Smoking not only hampers your health but also affects your loved ones causing a number of severe ailments like respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma), lung cancer, stroke, infection and cardiovascular diseases. It is neither beneficial for you nor for your loved ones.

Make the decision to quit smoking naturally & feel great!

If smoking is a habit with you and you just cannot quit it, you are in for some serious health trouble that will cause harm in the long run. It harms the heart, lungs, brain and other vital parts of the body. Smoking is a general habit that most people have which later turns to addiction.. It is hard to refrain from smoking all of sudden, especially if you are addicted to smoking.

  • NicoNot™ the most effective of quit smoking aid keeps your irresistible desire for smoking in check.
  • NicoNot™ boosts your inner urge to leave smoking forever and keep away from heath hazards.
  • You feel less physical and emotional stress and find it eventually very easy to quit smoking naturally.



Stop Smoking – Reasons why you should give up the addiction?

Smoking itself is not an ailment but it leads to several health disorders and physical problems. Addiction to smoking puts you at risk of many life-taking health concerns like lung cancer, stroke, asthma, heart disease and breathing difficulty. It feeds upon the vital organs of the body and brings down their health. Therefore, smoking is an ailing habit that is highly injurious to your health and life. Due to smoking, nicotine and other carcinogen elements and toxic chemicals accumulate in the body only to harm it. Obsession with smoking is a leading cause of death that you invite intentionally.


Why use NicoNot™?

NicoNot™ is highly recommended as this quit smoking remedy accomplishes its end without yielding any side effects unlike other drugs which is full of side effects like nausea, loss of taste, headaches and loss in appetite The market today is flooded with options that help you quit smoking. You might have been a victim of the wide scale stop smoking solutions. But, in all of this, relapse is a common phenomenon, in addition to the numerous side effects.

Working Mechanism of NicoNot™

NicoNot™ contains ingredients with distinctive antioxidant property that detoxifies your body and at the same time eliminates the accumulation of all the nicotine present in the body. Gradually, you do not miss your cigarette any more. 
The active natural formula makes it possible for NicoNot™ to eliminate also the damages generated by tobacco intake. The ingredients act as natural replacements for nicotine, satisfying your body’s addiction to this toxic substance while providing it natural nutrients only.
The best way to get rid of smoking, NicoNot has been helping men fight their 
withdrawal symptoms and quit gracefully. NicoNot is also a graceful winner with 
conversions and therefore, an associate favorite! 

How does it work? 

NicoNot works on eradicating the withdrawal symptoms that lead smokers to return to 
smoking. NicoNot works on the same receptors in the brain that nicotine binds to 
when inhaled during smoking. NicoNot, thus, stabilizes the system and prevents it 
from having setbacks of craving and withdrawal.

Why is NicoNot the preferred choice? 

NicoNot is a favorite among people for the following reasons: 

  •    NicoNot is free from nicotine 
  •    NicoNot is an effective tablet 
  •    No need for nicotine patches or gum 
  •    Strengthen blood circulatory system 
  •    Natural release from addiction 
  •    Doctor endorsed

Ingredients - herbs to stop smoking

NicoNot is a natural formulation of the finest herbs that works in fighting withdrawal symptoms of smoking and effectively gets rid of your smoking habit. NicoNot consists of the following potent ingredients:


Herbal Ingredients NicoNot

Adhatoda vasica:

Helps to relieve all kinds of cough, cold, asthma and bronchitis.  

Glycyrrhiza glabra:

Gets rid of the withdrawal symptoms smoking. It acts against cough and clears nasal pathways.  

Ocimum sanctum:

Possesses anti-bacterial and laxative properties. It is also used against asthma, sinus and congestion. Ocimum sanctum stimulates yet calms the brain.  

Acorus calamus:

Helps to stop smoking by inducing a kind of nausea toward smoking. It provides calming effect to the brain also aids in digestion.  

Syzygium aromaticum:

Used against bronchitis, sore throat, and common cough and cold. It also aids to quit smoking.  

Zingiber officinale:

Is known to possess laxative, anti-flatulent, and digestive and properties. It increases blood circulation and helps loosen up muscles. It helps to lighten emotions and bring about an overall enhancement of mood.  


Take 1 Tablet three times in a day with a glass of water. Follow a regular course to ensure permanent relief from smoking and its withdrawal symptoms.
Each bottle of NicoNot™ contains 60 tablets
If you have missed a dose, then take it as soon as you remember. Follow the course in a disciplined manner to achieve strong and permanent results.

Can I use this product?

If you wish to get rid of your smoking habit then NicoNot is the product for you. This harmless product provides effective results.

Is it safe?

NicoNot has been prepared with the foremost care and detail. The herbs that went into the preparation of this product are the safest and most renowned. We follow stringent International standards in safety and hygiene in the preparation of our products.



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FAQ: Help Stop Smoking NicoNot

What is NicoNot?

What is NicoNot? NicoNot is a herbal nicotine-free formulation that fights against smoking and its withdrawal symptoms. This tablet works aggressively on your system to make it stronger and enables it to combat the strong urges of smoking. NicoNot reverses the effects of...

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. NicoNot  is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is a 100% natural herbal supplement.